I went to stay with my friend at easter and we went to the eastern/western game. It was a really great game and I thought we were going to win! I was soo mad when eastern beat us! Everyone around me was all happy and I’m just sitting there like “god, our teams so bad […]

Went to the African American history museum in detroit for this. Its actually a really cool place and its got tons of interesting stuff to look at. They even have an example of what a slave ship would have been like and you get to walk through it.Its a great experience and I really was […]

I didn’t join any rsos at wmu & I didn’t do drive safe kalamazoo, but I do plan on joining some rsos at wayne state. I really want to see if they have any type of art club and I’d really love to join a choir and an acapella group.

I love volunteering, I have done a lot of things with my old high school, and I keep in touch with my previous teacher Mrs. Furkas so I can see if the key club is doing anything or needs any help. I recently worked a train ride night at a park near my house. We […]

I went to see Jersey boys with my grandma last weekend. I thought it was going to be boring but it ended up being pretty good! I had forgotten how much I liked frankie valli and the four seasons!

I haven’t really done much In kalamazoo. I did go to sliders and insomnia cookies with my friend though! She visited from eastern. I’ve also taken the train and been to that really sketchy McDonalds next to the train station. That’s pretty much it though!

I think The Five People You Meet in Heaven would be a really great choice for the campus common read. It is one of my absolute favorite books of all time. Eddie is an old, pretty grumpy repair man at an amusement park, and on his 83rd birthday, he dies saving a little girl from […]

My expectations for WMU were both met and unmet. They were met by the classes, which I really enjoy. They were also met by the amount of things to do on or around campus. WMU exceeded expectations on the library however, and I will probably miss that the most when I leave. It is a […]

I’m hoping that in four years my resume will be much better than it is now. By then, I’ll have at least three scholarships. I’ll have finished the illustrations for the book I’m currently illustrating, and I might do some freelance work. I’ll have straight As and be on the deans list. I will have […]

At the health fair, I saw a table that said “love is louder” So I went to find out what it was all about. It basically means that the love you have from those around you outweighs all of the bad stuff. Including being totally stressed out about school. So from now on, I plan […]